Pellet boiler FAQs

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Boiler specification and siting


Can my boiler located outdoors?

All of our boilers must be protected from rain, snow and frost (sheds, garages and outbuildings are normally ideal).


Will my boiler be noisy?

No, our boilers are extremely quiet.


Does my boiler need a flue?

Yes, our boilers need a flue similar to that of a wood burning stove.


Do I have to light my boiler?

No, the ignition and shut-down is fully automatic.


Will my boiler produce smoke?

No, apart from a whisper of smoke during the ignition phase.


Can my boiler run radiators, underfloor-heating and hot water cylinder?

Yes, all of the above.


Will my boiler be able to provide enough heat for my very large home?

Yes, our range of domestic boilers range from 10kw to 45kw (34,000 to 153,000 btu).


Do I need to replace my existing radiators, pipes and hot water cylinder?

No. If your current system is operational simply re-connect to it.


Boiler usage and costs


How often do I need to fill the hopper or empty the ash from my boiler?

Typically every 1 – 3 weeks in winter or 3 – 6weeks in spring and autumn, depending on the size and insulation levels of your home. Many of our boilers can also be fitted with ash removal, self cleaning and pellet delivery systems.


Will my boiler work if I go on holiday in the winter?

Yes, you can even monitor and adjust your boiler from your phone whilst away!


How do I buy wood pellets?

Pellets are available from hundreds of national retailers and delivered via a tail-lift vehicle. Pellets are packaged in 10kg bags and there are usually around 96 bags on a pallet.


How much do wood pellets cost?

Around £260 per tonne including delivery and vat. 1 tonne of pellets will produce approximately 4800kwh of energy = 5.4 pence/kwh


Will my boiler qualify for Government funding?

Yes, if your boiler is installed by an MCS accredited installer. Current tariff is set at 6.74 pence/kwh (up to 25,000 kwh/annum)


Are pellet fuel prices stable?

Yes, pellet fuel prices have remained static for the past 4 years. Also, because the UK can produce its own pellets, they are unaffected by currency exchange rates and global conflicts.





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