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Hydro BIO is an all-in-one biocide and inhibitor solution for use in air source heat pumps and closed loop heating and cooling systems. The formulation contains a premium, NSF approved multi-metal corrosion and scale inhibitor. In addition, Hydro BIO contains a high-performing biocide, stable across temperatures used within most domestic and commercial heating and cooling systems. 1 Ltr of Biocide and Inhibitor, for use with Anti-Freeze Valves and helps to prevent build up of bacteria and odours within the heating system

Product Information

Hydro BIO - 1L Biocide ^0 Inhibitor Label
Download PDF • 134KB

Hydro-BIO Datasheet (August 2023)
Download PDF • 95KB

Technicial Information

Hydro-BIO Safety Data Sheet (July 2023)
Download PDF • 183KB

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