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Hydro COL is a non-hazardous anti-freeze heat transfer fluid with market leading high thermal conductivity and low viscosity for reduced parasitic loads. Hydro COL is biodegradable and contains a specially formulated biocide with increased thermal stability plus an organic acid technology inhibitor package which meets ASTM D-1384 and is free from any nitrite, amine, phosphate, borax, silicate and 2-Ethylhexanoate. 25 Ltr of Anti-Freeze Ethylene Glycol which includes Biocide and Inhibitor and is concentrated and low toxicity.

Product Information

Hydro-COL Datasheet (August 2023)
Download PDF • 6.66MB

Hydro COL - 25L Antifreeze Label
Download PDF • 190KB

Technicial Information

Hydro-COL Safety Data Sheet (July 2023)
Download PDF • 308KB

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