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The LG Therma V R32 Monobloc S is the 2nd generation of LG's R32 Monobloc series. As implied by “silence” and “supreme," it boasts reduced noise level and best performance in the Therma V series. Combining the indoor and outdoor as one module, it's also connected by only water piping eliminating the need for refrigerant piping. Furthermore, hydronic components like the plate heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valve, and safety valve are conveniently situated inside the unit. The R32 Monobloc S provides excellent heating performance, especially at low ambient temperature, while producing lower carbon emissions with R32.

Product Information

Therma V R32 Monobloc S Range Leaflet with Quiet Mark (Feb 2023)
Download PDF • 8.16MB

LG Therma V Range, Homeowners Booklet 2020
Download PDF • 1.63MB

end user thv LGUKTHVEUWD-12-19
Download PDF • 84KB

LG Therma V End User Manual & Troubleshooting Error Codes 2020
Download PPTX • 5.64MB

Therma V Warranty Policy
Download PDF • 534KB

Technicial Information

LG Therma V AWHP Gen2 R32 Monobloc S Range PDB (Sept 2022)
Download PDF • 20.93MB

LG R32 Monobloc Owner's Manual
Download PDF • 5.96MB

LG R32 Monobloc ASHP Service Manual (exploded view)
Download PDF • 14.77MB

Therma V R32 Monobloc S Range Full Schematics (Sept 2021)
Download PDF • 20.49MB

LG Therma V R32 Monobloc S Range Commissioning Sheet - Sept 2022.V5
Download PDF • 357KB

LG Output Calculator
Download XLSX • 51KB

Robus Energy - Warranty Claim Form
Download XLSX • 34KB

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