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Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of hot water storage solutions. Based in the UK for over 30 years, the extensive range of high performance cylinders are manufactured using premium quality materials and carry extensive warranties. Unvented and vented cylinders are available in capacities of 90-500 litres for indirect, direct, heat pump, solar and twin coil applications. Pre-plumbed, horizontal and slimline options are also available. Firmly established as one of the UK’s leading cylinder manufacturers, the company has expanded it’s product range to include the Tempest HP cylinder, buffer tank and volumiser ranges for installations with heat pumps and other renewable systems. The Telford Tempest HP Plain Cylinder range sizes are: 150 Ltr, 170 Ltr, 200 Ltr, 250 Ltr, 300 Ltr, 400 Ltr and 500 Ltr plus 150 Ltr, 170 Ltr and 200 Ltr Slimline models. Other Tempest HP products available are 150 Ltr to 300 Ltr Plain Cylinders with internal 50 Ltr Buffer Tank, 90 Ltr to 500 Ltr Stainless Steel Buffer Tanks and 30 Ltr to 500 Ltr Stainless Steel Volumisers.

Product Information

Telford Cylinders Warranty & Returns Policy 2024
Download PDF • 95KB

Tempest HP Plain Cylinder Datasheet (In A Box)
Download PDF • 153KB

Tempest HP Plain Slimline Cylinder Datasheet (In A Box)
Download PDF • 141KB

Tempest HP Plain Cylinder with 50L Buffer Tank Datasheet (In A Box)
Download PDF • 146KB

Telford Stainless Steel 125L Buffer Tank (870x510dia - 6x1 inch Female Connections)
Download PDF • 456KB

Telford 90L-500L Stainless Steel Floor Standing Buffer Tanks Datasheet
Download PDF • 193KB

Telford 30L-500L Stainless Steel Volumisers Datasheet
Download PDF • 91KB

Technicial Information

Telford Cylinders Installation Guide
Download PDF • 2.44MB

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